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The frameless concept
One of the secrets to Behlen's successful expansion in the steel building industry is our unique frameless concept. First introduced in 1949, and subsequently modified and improved as part of continuous assessment, our frameless concept is still unique in the industry. The support strength of a Behlen steel panel can equal that of a steel girder of the same length and weight. The strength lies in our exclusive "compound" corrugation process which roll forms sheet steel into 4-1/2" or 7-1/2" deep corrugations embedded with a series of smaller corrugations. These small corrugations enhance the strength achieved with normal corrugation. Behlen uses the finest made galvanized steel in thickness' of up to 13 gauge of its wall panels. This is as much as five times the thickness often used in frame buildings. Joined together with sturdy 3/8" diameter bolts and polyethylene washers at 6" intervals, and sealed with top-quality strip-caulking, Behlen panels form a completely weather-tight,load-bearing shell. Because of this, Behlen panels can be insulated to produce R values leading to significant savings in heating and cooling costs. The lack of interior framing allows total use of the building interior. Costs normally incurred working around framing are eliminated. All surfaces are clear and clean for maximum aesthetic appeal and functionality. The Behlen wall panels are strong enough to resist normal knocks and scrapes that can damage conventional frame structures. If damage does occur, replacement of individual damaged panels speeds repair and keeps costs to a minimum. Behlen frameless construction also offers tremendous advantages over conventional building methods. Because the system doesn't utilize heavy frame components, heavy-duty lifting equipment is not required.

A style to meet your specific requirements
Behlen offers four basic building designs - the Dubl-PanlŪ, Convex, Titan, and Single Panel - providing maximum flexibility to suit your specific requirements. As you'll see in the following pages, these designs can be used on their own or in combination. Our skilled custom design team can help you arrive at the best structure for your application. Silicone polyester paint is baked on galvanized steel wall panels in a wide range of popular colors. You can adapt your Behlen exterior to almost any environment with a clean, modern look. Facade fronts can be installed on partial or complete elevations, and corner units make it possible to install facade around the entire building. A variety of attractive facade materials can be ordered through your Behlen dealer, including shake shingles, aggregate panels, molded plastic or fiberglass. Behlen wall systems can incorporate a number of accessories. Single or double walk-in doors, overhead doors, and windows are adaptable to a variety of design applications and can be placed anywhere due to Behlen's modular construction.

Behlen roof systems are ideal for use on load-bearing masonry of wood frame walls.


Behlen's Dubl-PanlŪ system gives you complete versatility in wide-span construction coupled with an energy-efficient design. The system consists of frameless steel panels, which form the roof and ceiling, joined by a lightweight strut system. The attic space between the roof and ceiling panels can be insulated economically with blown in material to achieve maximum R values for energy efficiency. It also allows for easy and economical upgrading of insulation values, if necessary, at a future date. In addition, the attic space can be used to conceal electrical lines. All exposed surfaces remain clean and clear for maximum eye appeal. Dubl-PanlŪ construction allows use of a cantilever roof up to one-half the clear span width for construction of loading dock covers, marquees, and other applications. Where clear spans of up to 88 meters (288 ft.) are desired, Behlen's Dubl-PanlŪ system fills the bill. Highly versatile, it can be applied to a wide range of building functions - from schools, churches and recreational buildings to retail stores and industrial buildings.

The Convex building offers a surprisingly low construction cost for clear spans up to 61 meters (200 ft). Frameless panels form a weathertight roof and ceiling. A lightweight strut system separates the roof and ceiling panels. Electrical lines can be hidden in the attic area, providing clean, clear surfaces for maximum appeal. The process of insulating is simplified by use of blown-in materials in the attic area. Convex buildings are a popular choice where economy and quality are required. Like the Dubl-PanlŪ roof system, the Convex roof system can be used on load-bearing masonry or wood frame walls. Where "economical" and "functional" are the watchwords in a wide span structure, a Convex building provides the answer. Functional in design yet attractive in appearance, the Convex clear span is ideally suited to warehouse, industrial or recreational applications.

The Titan Building design incorporates the frameless concept with the traditional look of a gable roof. Constructed with Behlen walls of painted galvanized steel, the Titan provides years of dependable, maintenance-free service. Like the Dubl-PanlŪ and Convex buildings, the roof and ceiling consist of steel panels joined by a lightweight strut system. The top panels provide a weathertight roof covering, the bottom panels a clear-span ceiling. The attic area can house electrical lines and provides room for ample insulation. Where a functional gable roof design is needed, the economical Titan is the solution. Combining energy efficient attic space with conventional appearance, the Titan is the perfect choice for clear span applications of up to 50 feet.

The Behlen Single Panel design is a simple, economical method for building clear spans ranging up to a maximum of 7.6 meters (25 ft). Roof and wall panels bolt together to form a self-supporting structure. Wider spans can be achieved with the use of structural beams and columns. The Single Panel system leads to considerable savings in construction time and materials. The cost of a built-in roof is avoided. And the roof can be strapped and insulated with economical fiberglass batts and finished to any desired appearance. For smaller commercial structures where construction efficiencies and budgets are the consideration, Behlen's Single Panel design is the answer. The pleasing look of the flat roof blends in well with modern industrial or commercial developments making it an excellent choice for workshops, garages and small commercial operations.







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